Hi I'm Emanuel Rahn

Fullstack Web developer

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My Projects

What People Think

My political YouTube Channel.

Better ToDo App

A ToDo Organizer.



A Blog all about Docker Hosting with Raspberry Pi’s and external Servers.

Hosted on Strato using WordPress.

Liberty News

This is a Social Network for alternative News.

Built with Angular.

Hosted on Firebase.

What Should I Watch Next

A Single-Page Angular Web Application.

Hosted on Firebase.


A Single-Page WordPress Website.

Designed with Elementor.

Hosted on Strato.


A Single Page Web Application.

Written in Angular.

Hosted via Google and Firebase.

About me🙌

My name is Emanuel Domenic Rahn.

And I’m a student at the University of Freiburg.

A few semesters ago I studied Computer Science, however I grew bored by that really quickly and changed to economics.

So why am I a web developer?

To tell you the truth, I’ve been programming since I was 12 years old.

Back then my fascination with computers started by playing video games like Star Wars Battlefront II or Red Alert 2. I wanted to remake those games with my own code and add some functionalities to them, but my experience at the time made that rather hard.

In School, I had Computer Science too, of course, but I felt unchallenged, which lead me to the starting some of my own projects. At one of my Jobs I met my first Client (kletterwald-staufen.de) who needed an upgrade to his Website and I offered my services. That started my web development career. Yes back then I set everything up Bare Metal with Apache and wrote every necessary script like Logins and Calendars myself. Even the design I coded with HTML and CSS by hand.

But I didn’t stop there, I learned WordPress and began to work with external Servers instead of hosting my own. I learned how to design with a visual editor like Elementor. That helped me to split Frontend from Backend development and made me understand both much better.

Now I’m working on small side projects like my Blog or a Social Media that I came up with. Also I’m trying to make a Game for Android, Apple and PC and still succeed at my university studies on the side.

That’s it from me. If you’re interested send a message here.


For normal sites I usually use an external Server provider like Strato. They have a cheap Web hosting program with WordPress integrated.

Of course, you can. I recommend using Wix. It’s really easy to use and you’ve probably seen ads for it everywhere.

If you need help making your own site you can ask me.

Wix is easy to use but not everything that’s easy is also good. If you want a site then you most likely want to make money from it, either by page visits directly or ads. There many ways to get people to visit your site but the biggest 2 are advertisement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want your page to rank in the Top 10 then you have to know how the web works and that’s where I come into play.

I design sites SEO friendly, I can also design advertisement for Instagram, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and aim them at your target groups.

In addition, you’ll feel safer knowing someone professional is taking care of your site and will fix it if something doesn’t work.

Prices can vary dramatically.

A simple site like a Blog can be a few hundred Euros. But a big platform like Twitter or a Social Media like Facebook or even a marketplace like Amazon will cost way more.

Send me a message, then we’ll discuss it.


WordPress, HTML5, CSS, Angular


PHP, Python, Node.js

Programming languages:

TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Python


Npm, Pipenv, Docker, Linux Bash, NginX, Apache

I like to learn new things (Go, Ruby, C++, …)

If you’ve got an interesting Idea but don’t know how to do it or just don’t have the time send me a message.

I like creating new things and if your idea is worth it I’ll consider it.

Send a message📨

Email: emanuelrahn@rahnmedia.de

Phone: +491522 4901088

Ask me anything!